Brandon Shurick

The experienced Data Scientist ML Engineer Product Analyst

About me

Motivated analytics professional ...

Motivated to tackle complicated problems with big ideas. Self-directed, requiring minimal guidance. Will seek out high-impact projects.


Tackling data problems since 2009, with an ever-expanding toolset. Started from Excel spreadsheets, advanced to data mining and predictive modeling after years of education and experience.


Able to utilize python, R, or SQL for data manipulation, analytics, and modeling. Visualization tools, such as ggplot, Gephi, D3.js, or matplotlib/seaborn for data communication.

Personal Info


Brandon Shurick


Seattle, WA, USA

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My Professional skills

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics utilizes advanced methods such as machine learning and data mining to predict unknown future events ...

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Data Wrangling

Data wrangling is the process of mapping raw data into more consumable format with computer programming ...

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Data Communication

Data communication involves human-to-human knowledge sharing in the form of presentation and/or visualization ...

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